Nomad Complex is CLOSED. Our website remains open while we take legal action against the theft or our artwork so folks are aware of the actual home of these designs. This is the original and ONLY home of the designs you see hosted on this website. Click this banner to follow our Telegram Channel for any future announcements!
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    Updated: 3:46pm PST, August 10th, 2023

    General FAQ
    What is the status of my order?

    Due to the order volume of the warehouse sale, all orders will take an estimated 10-25 business days from their original date of purchase to be shipped. We apologize for the inconvenience. We are providing daily progress updates on our Telegram channel and we encourage you to join it to see them!

    Dead Doggo + Nightlife + Fall Feels Orders! (T-Shirts ONLY!)

    A reminder for folks, these items were OVERSTOCKED during our warehouse sale. This means that at the time of sale, we had almost none of these on hand BUT had a restock order coming from our manufacturer of them. This meant we could add pieces to the order still. Consider these as a "Pre-ordered" item. 

    Any orders containing any of these 3 items will begin shipping August 21st at the earliest! Thank you so much for your patience!

    How long does the sale last for? It begins on August 4th but when does it end?

    The sale ends when we run out of product to sell! We would love to give you a ballpark estimation of when this may be, however we do not have any indicative data of how rapid this sale will be, especially after our last few launches. 

    The hardline end date, if we still have product left, is October 15th.

    As of August 4th, a

    How many orders are you expecting? How long do you expect orders will take to ship?


    We are expecting extremely high order volumes for this sale. To compensate for this, we will have increased staffing for the entirety of this sale period. While we would like to make as accurate a calculation as possible, we expect some orders may take up to 10-25 days from their original purchase date to be shipped out. We apologize for these extended wait times and thank you for your patience!


    My order is being returned to sender due to an insufficient or incorrect address. What can I do?


    Due to the logistics of this sale, we will not be offering any service to re-ship items. We unfortunately cannot be held liable for addresses placed incorrectly or insufficiently at the time of purchase. 

    In the event an item is returned to us due to an incorrect or insufficient address, we will be refunding the customer the cost of the items of their order minus a $5 restock fee. This fee is $5 of the $7 charged to us by our postal carrier to receive returned merchandise. 

    We understand the frustration this may cause and we apologize for the inconvenience. 


    Will I be able to add items to my cart before the sale begins or will my cart be emptied before the sale period? Is there any way to "reserve" my cart?


    The website will be going offline for a one hour period (11am-12pm PST) on August 4th. At this time, any existing carts will be emptied and the website will be refreshed. This means that any orders for items you wish to place will have to be added to your cart and checked out after 12pm. 

    We fully understand the tension this may create to get orders in as quickly as possible, and that it may result in the quick sellout of several products. Please know that for MOST items you see on the website, we are fully stocked and have full size runs available. It is not and never will be our intention to create the idea of scarcity for the sake of sales; this is a unique situation that we do not have many options to handle as gracefully as we would like. It actually tears us up inside when we have to leave folks disappointed, which I believe we try to convey through transparency, so we thank you for your understanding in this scenario. 


    What is the Warehouse Sale going to be? Is everything discounted?

    The Warehouse Sale will include some discounted items in our inventory, but not all inventory is going to be discounted. The discounted prices will be made available when the site re-opens on August 4th. 


    I put in an incorrect address, incorrect item or incorrect size. Can I change this after the order is placed? 


    In the past, when a customer has requested a size change or an address change due to user error we have manually corrected this information once the customer has notified us. As of August 4th, any order that contains an incorrect address, size or item will be canceled and must be placed again by the customer. Due to the extremely high volume of orders, we will not be able to manually adjust inventory or shipping information. We apologize for the inconvenience.


    I’ve placed two or more separate orders. Can I combine them together?


    As of August 4th, we will no longer be able to combine two orders together due to logistic concerns. This is due to the extremely high volume of orders that we are expecting. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

    Will you be accepting returns/exchanges?


    As of August 4th, all items on the website will be considered final sale. We will no longer be accepting returns or exchanges past this date. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please make sure that you are triple checking your correct sizing and quantity choices before placing any orders. 

    Roam Rewards FAQ