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    What service do you use to ship your products?

    All of our packages within the United States are shipped via USPS.

    All of our packages within Canada are shipped via Canada Post.

    All of our packages being sent internationally are shipped via Asendia International. Asendia International is an international package delivery hub that ships to the best location based on your address to be handled by your local courier. Therefore when ordering internationally, you will see two tracking options - One for Asendia, the first leg of the trip, and then another for your local post, once it is passed off for its final leg of the delivery. 


    Are you able to use any shipping services other than those listed above?

    Unfortunately no. At this time, we are only able to offer the above methods. 


    How long does shipping take? Will the pandemic affect my shipment?

    Shipping times can vary depending on your orders final destination. Within the domestic USA, shipping takes an estimated 3-5 business days. Within Canada, shipping takes an estimated 2-8 business days. International shipments take an estimated 8-22 business days. Please note that these are estimated shipping times and do not account for potential delays. The Covid-19 Pandemic is still affecting quoted shipping times, so please factor in some extra time if receipt of your package is time sensitive. 


    How can I track my shipment?

    All packages shipped from Nomad Complex come complete with tracking information. You will receive your tracking information once your order has been packed up and shipped from our warehouse, and provided to the e-mail address used to place your order. Please double-check either your Spam or your Promotions folder in your e-mail if you have not received your tracking information. If you have lost your tracking at any time, please e-mail us at support@nomadcomplex.com


    I have additional fees owing on my package in order to receive it. What are these? (International customers only)

    Packages travelling internationally will be subject to imports and customs fees in order to be received. These are taxes imposed by your government on the import of foreign goods. These fees are the responsibility of the buyer. We will not alter our packages or invoicing in any way to avoid these fees.




    My package has not arrived and it has been longer than the estimated shipping times

    Please note that all shipping times provided are estimates and are not guarantees. We are not able to offer guaranteed shipping times in any cases. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic please prepare for small delays that may occur. Please note that estimated shipping times are calculated in business days and not calendar days, therefore it does not include weekends or holidays. 


    My package is marked as "Delivered", however I do not have it yet. 


    The following information is cited directly from the USPS website - If you have received a delivery notification and your package is not where you are expecting it, please allow up to 24 hours before contacting your local post office. Oftentimes there are gaps in between when drivers perform a delivery scan and when the package is dropped off. 



    I believe my package is lost, stolen or missing. What can I do?

    If you believe that your package is lost, stolen or missing, the first thing we need is for you to confirm that your full address including name, zip/postal code, and all relevant unit numbers are correct. If you have done so, please consult the comprehensive FAQ provided by USPS to try and assist in what may have occurred. This is by far the best resource to troubleshoot what may have happened to your package and results in a solution a strong majority of the time. 


    The most ideal way to handle these situations is to contact your local post, as they are best equipped to help you track down the reason a package may be undelivered or possibly missing. While we are well versed in shipping language, the specifics and complexities of your locale will be best known by you and your local post. 

    If you have contacted USPS and they have been unable to assist you in finding your package, you may contact us at support@nomadcomplex.com 

    When contacting, please make sure to include the following information;

    • Your order number (It will be 5 digits long)
    • Your full name and confirmed address, including zip/postal code, and all relevant unit numbers
    • As much information relevant to your case as possible. 

    We will ask the following to try and help assist you find your package, so if you have done so already, please feel free to state as such in your e-mail;

    • Do you live with any family members or roommates who may have intercepted this parcel on your behalf, who have forgotten to hand it to you?
    • Have you checked with your adjacent neighbors to see if they have received the package on your behalf by mistake?

    Most importantly; don't panic. We understand how frustrating it is needing to hunt a package down, and also how frustrating dealing with the postal service can be. But we are here to help.


    I received my package but some of the items were incorrect or missing. What can I do?

    We are so sorry! If you have received something incorrectly, please e-mail us right away at support@nomadcomplex.com - Please include your full name, order number, and an image of the mistaken item that you received. Once verified, we will be able to send you the correct item right away.