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    We can’t describe how grateful we are with the outpouring of love and support everyone has shown us in the past eight years. Nomad Complex has been facing a significant number of challenges due to the exponential growth the fandom has been experiencing over the last two years coupled with a rapidly shifting economy. It would be impossible to list them all, but some of the more significant challenges have included;

    • The major increase in order volume.
    • The website backend being unmanageable due to lack of attention.
    • The website frontend being inconsistent and outdated.
    • Increased vendor costs and rapidly shifting shipping costs.
    • Not having adequate staffing to accommodate these needs.

    This all came to a head when we were notified by our property management company that despite their promises otherwise, they would not be renewing our lease at our original negotiated cost at the end of November. We’re currently in limbo. 

    We have spent hours trying to find the best way to convey 30 pages worth of information about the perfect storm of challenges that this has brought our way because we want to be as transparent as possible with all of you. We don’t want imaginations running wild about our decision. But we have to sum it up as the following;


    Nomad Complex has been experiencing external difficulties for quite some time with growth, scaling, securing staffing, website development, and several other factors. These factors were manageable, but in combination with the loss of our warehouse space and the multitude of challenges this adds to our workload, it has put us in a position where we do not reasonably see a path forward that is feasible at this time. Because of this, we made the decision that our best path forward at this moment is to sunset Nomad Complex for the time being and sell off the final runs of our existing inventory. This is the best opportunity we have to try and carve a new path forward for Nomad Complex. 


    Our current plan is to keep orders disabled on the website while we get our affairs in order and re-open on August 4th. This also gives us a chance to provide you with a roadmap of the additional stock we will be acquiring in August that will also constitute as final stock so that everyone can make their plans accordingly. 

    Please understand that this decision is not made lightly, and we are navigating this as best as we can at this time. We totally get that this may feel like whiplash. We know you will have several questions regarding this choice and we will do our best to answer them. 


    That’s insane. Why don’t you just get a new warehouse?

    Nomad Complex currently houses tens of thousands of units of stock; T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Underwear and everything in between. We moved into this warehouse only occupying about ¼ of the space it contained. Now, it is almost full. We have too large a catalogue to store in our home or a storage locker in the interim. 

    A not insignificant factor is the cost. The monthly rental cost of warehousing space since we first signed a lease in 2020 has risen 47% in the city of Vancouver. We don’t have to preach to anyone about the rising costs of *gestures at the world*, you all know where things currently stand. 

    If we were to move sideways to another warehouse with our current inventory, it does not solve the factor of our current growth and scaling issues. It means we have even less time to address them. Moving a warehouse of this scale is not an easy or inexpensive task. At this time, we do not have the labor or the resources to accommodate all of the needs of the business which includes the labor and resources needed to find and accumulate new labor and new resources. Say that ten times fast.

    How does having MORE sales lead to this sort of outcome?

    We can tell you what we’ve been hearing for years regarding the uptick in sales; “It’s a great problem to have!” And you know what? It is. We’d take high sales numbers over low sales numbers any day of the week. That being said;

    Imagine that you have 5 buckets in front of you. In each of the buckets, you have five different tasks; Research and development, quality control and stock management, website development and marketing, customer service and communications, and finally order fulfillment. Now imagine that the only bucket that ever gets filled up is the order fulfillment bucket. This takes vital resources away from all of the other buckets that require attention and resources. 

    Because all of your attention is focused on order fulfillment, all of the other tasks are being ignored which can end up costing you ridiculous amounts of money. If your marketing isn’t effective because you aren’t paying attention to it, you’re wasting money. If your stock isn’t properly managed, you can oversell inventory. If you aren’t responding to customer service inquiries in a timely manner, it can upset customers and lose you business. It’s a very fine balancing act and it is one that has skewed very poorly into one direction.

    What about the items you have coming out soon? Racerbacks+Boyshorts? Pawlaroid? NoPants Complex? Don’t you have restocks coming?

    This decision has been a very difficult one. Manufacturing takes a lot of time, and most of these items were already being manufactured before we had to consider what we are considering now. Because of this, we will be receiving several restocks and new products which will immediately be sold as final stock items. This includes;

    -Sold-out underwear restocks


    -New Gaming Mats

    -The Pawlaroid lineup

    Most of these items will be restocking around the beginning to middle of August. We will release a full schedule of their expected stock and restock dates as soon as we have those dates finalized.

    NoPants Complex will be going on indefinite hiatus. We cannot apologize enough. This is a line we were extremely excited about and it breaks our heart to not be able to provide them like we wanted to. In the future if we are able to make a return, these will be our highest priority. 

    Are you disappearing forever? What is the current plan?

    The only answer that we have for you right now is; we don’t know. 

    A decision like this is not made lightly. It has taken longer than we care to admit to type all of this up because our first thought is spending 30 pages explaining every single detail we could. This decision was made because right now we do not have a path forward that includes all of the following;

    -An action plan that continues the day to day operations of the business (customer service, order fulfillment)  while allowing us to address the areas we critically need to improve.

    -An action plan that includes appropriate staffing, to alleviate several years of stress placed on the owner from a schedule consisting of frequent 70-80 hour work weeks.

    -An affordable warehousing and housing situation for the business and the owner that gives us the ability to continue operations in a satisfactory and timely manner. 

    Our most optimistic hope is that this sales event goes well. Barring this, and the securing of a new warehouse location, our goal is to be able to provide a roadmap of the future of Nomad Complex that includes adequate staffing, a new website, new products and much, much more. Our most optimistic hope is that we can create a roadmap for this within this year. 

    Is this our last chance to get certain designs or types of clothing? Which ones?

    Regardless of a return or not, this will mean the end for most of the designs currently sitting in our catalogue. Due to the nature of this decision we cannot say for certain which designs will return if ever. 

    We completely understand that this is a frustrating answer as any purchases you make are likely to be based on future availability. This is why we have to underpromise and state that there is a non-zero chance that your favorite design may not return in the future.


    I have an outstanding inquiry with customer service. (Return, exchange, etc.). Do I need to be worried or submit another contact?

    NO. All current and outstanding customer service tickets are continuing as normal and do not require any further verification. 

    If you have any inquiries you would like to make, please contact us.