Nomad Complex is CLOSED. Our website remains open while we take legal action against the theft or our artwork so folks are aware of the actual home of these designs. This is the original and ONLY home of the designs you see hosted on this website. Click this banner to follow our Telegram Channel for any future announcements!
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    When we began Nomad Complex in 2016, we had one goal in mind; make people happy. Making people happy has been the driving motivation behind Nomad Complex ever since its inception, and will continue to be the motivating factor going forward into the future. Over the past six and a half years, I have dedicated my entire life to the growth and success of Nomad Complex while doing our best to make sure that we took care of everyone along the way who have supported us, had faith in us, and believed in us. 

    Now however, it has become apparent that I need time to rest, and some time to take care of myself. I need to give myself permission to shut off for a small period of time so that I may come back a stronger, more dedicated and refreshed individual who can continue to provide everything I can to this community that I love with all my heart and soul. 

    We will be shutting down the Nomad Complex website - This means that you will not be able to place orders during this time - for a period of 6 weeks from July 18th to August 29th.

    You may have noticed that we produce a lot of content. A LOT. And it is something we are extremely proud of. Small business owners do not have the luxury of shutting work off at the end of the day. You can close your laptop, shut off your work phone, change the passwords for your work e-mail, but the reality is that when you run a business it is on your mind all the time. It is nearly impossible to disconnect. You may not be packing orders, but you are brainstorming your next lines. Communicating with vendors. Accounting, bookkeeping, marketing. 

    Several fixes have been attempted. Taking a few days off here and there, but unfortunately nothing has done the trick. What we are doing is giving ourselves permission to recuperate and recover so that we can come back stronger, with more amazing designs and products than you could ever imagine. (I mean we’re working on our Fall line right now and it’s freaking dope, y’all)

    The subconscious fear that comes with a decision this intense is the fear of backlash, and the fear of disappointing people who have supported you. It’s what makes this decision so especially hard to make in the first place. I am confident however that you trust us, and that you will not forget about us. I’m confident that we have been able to positively impact some folks’ lives and that you will understand when we say, simply; we need this. We need this badly. 

    During this time period, we will not be available for communications, nor will we be active on social media. All existing projects will be in limbo for the period that we are gone. Our minion will be taking care of packing all orders placed up until our “last day” which we expect will be extremely busy. He will also be available for emails for a period of one week afterwards in case there are any issues in regards to orders. Otherwise, we will be absent from all forms of communication.

    I promise you that we will come back stronger, more galvanized and more dedicated than ever before. But from my soul to yours; I need rest. And I need to allow myself to have that rest. This is not goodbye forever, it’s just a short break, I promise. And I hope that you understand and that you keep us in your hearts as well as your closets, underwear drawers, and that big pile of laundry beside the bed. (Go do your laundry.)

    F.A.Q. (Updated 07-13-2022 6:23AM)

    Will I be able to purchase anything from Nomad Complex between July 18th-August 29th?

    No. The website will be shut down in its entirety for this 6 week period. 

    I placed an order close to your shut down day, and require e-mail assistance. Will I be able to contact you?

    Our minion will be working the e-mail lines between July 18th and July 31st. This means any and all orders placed up until our shut down date will be taken care of accordingly for any needs such as address changes, customer service or otherwise. 

    Will we be able to contact you at all for the month of August?

    No. We will not be opening up our business e-mail nor our social media accounts between July 18th and August 29th. 


    If you do not see an answer to your question here, please e-mail us at