Nomad Complex is CLOSED. Our website remains open while we take legal action against the theft or our artwork so folks are aware of the actual home of these designs. This is the original and ONLY home of the designs you see hosted on this website. Click this banner to follow our Telegram Channel for any future announcements!
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    Nomad Complex is a clothing and apparel brand founded in Vancouver, BC, Canada in January of 2016. We pretend to be some big company, but in reality we're just two guys who want to make people look and feel their absolute best while we navigate this crazy thing called life. 

    We live by a few commandments.

    1. Nothing will ever be printed to order. We are not middlemen. We do not rely on dropshipping services, print to order services or anything else to create our merchandise. Most of what we make is printed 15 minutes from our home in Vancouver, BC and heck; we've printed a lot of it ourselves! Our stock is housed, packed and shipped completely by ourselves so we can provide as much love and personality in the process as possible. 

    2. Everything will be high quality. In a world where quick fashion and cheap cuts are all the craze, we want to be different. We don't want to just sell you any something; we want to sell you something that's your new favorite thing that you'll wear to death.

    3. Never forget where we came from. We're committed to supporting the community that we love and will always give back, however we can. We attend events, support video game streamers and content creators, and donate back to the communities we're in every chance we get. 
    4. The minute this stops being fun is the day we call it quits. Not going to lie, we're having the time of our lives. Having fun and loving what you do is a very important value to us. We're just putting this here as a reminder that when the going gets tough, to always remember that we've got some of the most amazing people in our lives supporting us every step of the way; you guys.