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    One of the biggest questions about August 1st is what will happen to the Roam Rewards program. This will be one of the most logistically daunting aspects of our warehouse sale, but we want to make this as simple as we can. 

    Effective today, you will no longer be able to choose stickers, enamel pins, wristbands or a combination of them as a free reward. Instead, all available reward tiers have been changed to discount coupons in increments of $5. Please note that all existing rewards for stickers, enamel pins and wristbands are still valid if you redeemed them before July 24th.

     Any outstanding rewards or miles will not be transferred past our warehouse sale period. The warehouse sale period will be your last chance to redeem any rewards you have in your wallet.

    Through the Roam Rewards program, we are proud to have been able to give away over $180,000 (!!!) in discounts and free items to our customers. As we grew larger and began to see the snowball effect of the discounts and freebies, we discovered some major flaws in the program that became difficult to rectify at the newer volumes we were experiencing. The most notable of these flaws were both the sheer cost of the program as well as the adjustments to inventory necessary to keep stock levels current. A complaint we often heard was that the process to choose which freebies you want to receive was not straight-forward, the method of adding to cart was confusing, and you could not easily stack discounts in a single order. We agree. These were not simple fixes unfortunately that could just have a button clicked to make it work. It was a much more complex task. 

    In the future we would love to explore new options to thank our customers for their incredible support, but this will most likely not be in the form of this program as it currently exists. We would like to create a better, more streamlined program to say thank you. Whether this is an entirely new program altogether, or us just giving you free shit, we will have to see. 

    We understand that there will be many sentiments of frustration with this decision, and some folks will have miles left over. If you have any concerns, please feel free to send us an e-mail to for any clarifications and we will do what we can to assist you.


    Quick FAQ:


    I have multiple Roam Rewards still I would like to redeem during your warehouse sale. Am I able to do this?

    The program we use to accommodate the Roam Rewards program requires generating a discount code in order to redeem your reward. At checkout, only one discount code is eligible to be used at a time. This is one of the many factors that have created some streamlining problems for the Roam Rewards program. This is still a factor, and only one discount code can be applied at a time when an order is placed. 

    Due to the high volume of orders that we will be experiencing during this warehouse sale, we unfortunately will not be able to accommodate making modifications to orders as we have done in the past nor adding on free item rewards manually. We apologize for this inconvenience.

    We understand the importance of maximizing your miles and rewards, and we will do our best to find a happy resolution to any issues you may have. If you feel your case is extreme (Many unused rewards sitting in your cart) please e-mail us at and we will try to assist you. 


    Can I still redeem my Free Enamel Pin, Wristband or Sticker rewards if I redeemed them before July 24th?

    Yes! If you have one of these rewards, you are still able to redeem them with a normal checkout on the website at any time past August 4th.


    Will my Roam Rewards transfer over to a new program if one is enacted?

    No. Any existing Roam Rewards or Miles will not transfer over to any new program in the future. We will do our best to ensure that any program we potentially enact in the future will be more than enough to win you back. We apologize for this news. 


    Will I still accumulate Miles after August 4th?

    No miles will be accumulated on any purchases made past August 4th. We apologize for the inconvenience.