Nomad Complex is CLOSED. Our website remains open while we take legal action against the theft or our artwork so folks are aware of the actual home of these designs. This is the original and ONLY home of the designs you see hosted on this website. Click this banner to follow our Telegram Channel for any future announcements!
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      1. When does the auction take place? - The auction for all 50 items begins at 12pm PST on February 10th. The auction ends at 6pm PST on February 11th. This gives everyone a full 30 hours to browse the inventory and select what items they would like to bid on!

      2. How do I bid on the auction? - You can bid on the auction if you have an account created on our website, . After that, it is as simple as placing your bid by clicking on the “Bid” button on the product page of the item you would like to try and win. 

      3. I can see my name on the bid. Is my name being shown publicly to everyone else? - NO. While you are seeing your full name under your bid, no one else is able to see it. You will be able to verify this if you log out of your Nomad Complex account or attempt to look at the auction page on Incognito mode. It is simply a feature of the auction widget we are using, but we promise no one else is seeing your information. 

      4. Is there a minimum bid amount? - Yes. All auctions are starting at $35 and the minimum bid increments are $10. So if an item currently has a $50 bid on it, the following bid must be at least $60

      5. Will the auction be extended if I bid close to the auction ending? - YES. We have introduced “Popcorn Bidding” for this auction. This means that each time a bid is placed within 10 minutes of the end of the auction, another 5 minutes will be added to the auction. This means there will be no possibility for bid “sniping” and it gives everyone a fair opportunity to bid for the garment they like. 

      6. I won the auction! Now what? - Once you’ve won the auction, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to checkout with the item you’ve won. From here, it will proceed like a normal transaction - You will be allowed to add the item to your cart, pay for your item, and check out.