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What a start/VF2016/Pixel Paw 2.0

Posted on February 25 2016

Well it's been a good three weeks almost since we opened our doors to all you wonderful, fantastic folks out there and I just gotta say.. Wow. I am completely floored by the show of love and support we have received from what we have been able to bring you all. Not only are people ecstatic to have the Bandanimals back, but the response to the new shirts has been out of this world!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the huge show of love from the lot of ya!

Also, super excited to let you know that we WILL be at VF2016 with our full lineup of stock! Come say hi, draw something stupid in our sketchbooks and grab yourself some sweet stuff to wear!

And lastly, Pixel Paw 2.0 Tanks and Tees are available for pre-order for just four more days, so make sure to get your orders in now, y'hear? 


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